Zeon Digital Radio
ZEON DIGITAL is the unrivalled digital two-way radio network for Australian business, built and supported by the trusted Motorola brand.

It is the future-proof communications solution which delivers unprecedented levels of security and adopts a fully redundant design to ensure maximum availability 24/7, 365 days a year.

Zeon Digital customers have access to the most comprehensive network of engineers and support staff within the Australian two-way radio industry. These businesses know their communications are being delivered by the only provider in Australia with two-way radio networks and handsets designed to operate together, built using complementary technology and supported by a team whose only business is two-way radio.

The intimate knowledge and ability of the Motorola team to take care of customers end-to-end, is unequalled.

ZEON DIGITAL BY MOTOROLA is the same technology trusted to keep public safety agencies communicating around the world.

Zeon Digital complies with the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) standard. TETRA is an open standard defined by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) for next-generation digital communications delivering voice, data and messaging services for simple one-to-one or complex group communications.

Motorola has signed more than 300 TETRA contracts in 65 countries around the world and invested more than US$650 million in ongoing TETRA research and development.
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