Zeon Digital Radio

• Digital two-way
• GPS location services
• Text messaging
• Data transfer
• Telephone interconnect
• Emergency button
MTP850 4. Programmable Side Buttons
Default programming: Upper side key activates/ deactivates backlight on screen. Lower side key activates screen saver.

5. Send Key
Dial phone number and press this key to initiate phone calls or to send text messages. Use this button to answer incoming phone calls.

6. Speaker Phone Control Key

7. Antenna with in-built GPS

8. LED Status Indicator
Solid green - In use
Flashing green - In service
Solid red - Out of service
Flashing red - Connecting to network
Solid orange - Transmit Inhibit (TXI) in service
Flashing orange - Incoming call
No indication - Switched off

9. Menu Key
Cellular-like interface to navigate the main menu.

10. Four-Way Navigation Key
Press up, down, left or right for list scrolling.

11. On-Off / End / Home Key
Press and hold to turn the MTP850 On/Off.
Press to end calls.
Press to return to the Home display.

12. Audio Accessory Connector
(at the side)

125(h) x 50(w) x 33.5(d) mm
(slim-line battery)
125(h) x 50(w) x 37.5(d) mm
(high capacity battery)

Battery performance:
>10 hours (slim-line battery)
>20 hours (high capacity battery)

189g radio only
230g (slim-line battery)
243g (high capacity battery)

The MTP850 comes
equipped with a:

• Whip antenna
• In-built GPS*
• Slim-line battery
• Heavy duty belt clip

Optional car kit:
(at additional cost)
• Voice only model, or
• Voice and GPS tracking.

* GPS activation fee applies.

1. Emergency Button
Single push button to enter Emergency Mode. Hot mic activates and emergency call alerts all members of the user’s currently active talk group. Option: emergency calls can be directed ‘back-to-base’ or to a secondary talk group dedicated to receiving emergency calls.

2. Rotary Knob
Turn clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase or decrease volume. Press knob once, then turn clockwise or anti-clockwise to change talk group.

3. Push-To-Talk Button (PTT)
Press and hold side button to respond to both group and one-to-one radio calls. Release button to listen. To initiate one-to-one radio calls, key in radio ID and press PTT button once. Wait for the other party to answer, push and hold to respond.

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