Zeon Digital Radio
ZEON DIGITAL BY MOTOROLA offers digital two-way radio communications, GPS location services, text messaging, data transfer, telephone interconnect and an emergency button, all from the one radio.

The same Motorola radios and networks are used everyday by public safety agencies around the world. Zeon Digital now lets Australian businesses, large and small, take advantage of this experience and communicate with confidence 24/7, 365 days a year.

Zeon Digital Key Features

Future-proof digital radio network

Digital Network
The Zeon Digital two-way radio network is the future-proof communications platform you can invest in with confidence.

The network and its complementary radio handsets give business access to simple, reliable implementation of digital technology, designed, built and supported by the trusted Motorola brand.

Seamless Roaming
Zeon Digital two-way radios seamlessly roam within the entire network so team members never have to change channels and miss important conversations

Secure digital network prevents eavesdropping

Private Talk Groups
Zeon Digital two-way radios let you create private talk groups so that only the people you give access to can listen in.

Network Security
Zeon Digital keeps your transmissions secure and stops your competitors from listening in. Encryption is also an option for highly secure agencies.

Superior digital voice clarity

Zeon Digital radios give you unparalleled voice quality. Digital systems incorporate built-in error correction techniques that reconstitute voice at nearly its original fidelity throughout the coverage area.

Digital Two-Way
Zeon Digital radios give you unlimited two-way talk-time, one-to-one or in groups. The digital technology means that caller ID is included and the call set-up time is virtually instant. You can also create your own private talk groups so that only the people you give access to can listen in.

Telephone Interconnect
Zeon Digital two-way radios can switch to telephone interconnect giving staff instant access to public telephone networks. Team members can use the radio to make and receive telephone calls for a flat, cost effective per minute rate.

Voice and data combined

Simultaneous Voice and Data
Zeon Digital two-way radios transmit voice and data simultaneously to exchange important information faster.

SDS Text Messaging
Data messaging, inherent in all Zeon Digital radios, allows for the efficient exchange of information without the need to talk. Sending information via text ensures it is received, even if an operator is away from the radio, and overcomes the restrictions of using voice in noisy environments or when hearing protection is worn.

Employees can be located 24/7 with GPS

trackZEON - Motorola's online GPS location service for the Zeon Digital network

Zeon Digital radios are amongst the few two-way radios in Australia with inbuilt GPS.

Your employees can be located 24/7 on web based maps, enabling you to improve safety and fleet efficiency.

A driver’s location can be identified in real-time to help you keep customers completely informed and your team safe.

GPS history replay also lets you trace a team member’s movements from the past month to improve route planning, prove compliance or assist with incident investigations.

Read more about Motorola's application, trackZEON, here.

Emergency button with GPS locator

Zeon Digital two-way radio’s emergency button gives staff the peace of mind they can call for help at the touch of one button.

Integrating the emergency button with GPS also means that employees can be located quickly on a web-based map, so help can be sent in an emergency.

Motorola’s mapping solution, trackZEON, provides visual alerts and location details to dispatch operators on screen, in addition to the radio handset’s audio alarm.

Choosing digital technology means every Zeon Digital radio is programmed only with the features you need, letting you design the ideal communications network for your business.

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